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Problem with printing results from relationship calculator

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when I try to print (for example) results from relationship calculator I run into problems.

First page seems to be o.K.,  following pages are scrambled/folded.
I did not find a way to untangle this.

It seems there is something like an explicit FF (form feed) missing ?

I tried printing on Printer or  to PDF, in all cases it's  "folded".

Is there a workaround for that ?


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Robin Richmond

When I try it, I get a different but still broken effect.  I have no idea how to fix it.  It's easy to imagine that this graph depends on exact row/column coordinates in the boxes, or something like that.  But I can think of a couple of printing kludges:

  1. Use a tool like Snagit to grab a "screenshot" that is larger than your screen, save an image, display the image in your browser, and print it. (Assuming that your browser will break a large image across pages.)
  2. Do a PDF print to legal-length virtual paper, and then use screenshot to break that PDF into two images. This kludge would let you pick a break point between generations so that you don't have part of a box on one page and part on another.

- Robin





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Thankyou, Robin,

this is the workaround, that I use, too.

- make screenshots
- put them into an rtf-File
- print or save to PDF





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