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Peter Ziegenfuss

GEDCOM import and export TNG Rel13 problems

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Peter Ziegenfuss

Hello TNG Users,

I hope there is one TNG User, who can help the old man (over 70 years old). TNG Rel 13.2 upgrade from TNG Rel. 10.  

Problem 1: import GEDCOM file

GEDCOM import  GEDCOM file is on my computer, not at the webserver GEDCOM directory.

Error message:Hilfe für diesen Bereich

Konnte Datei nicht hochladen: Jochen_Export_Mai_2017.ged. Das 'gedcom'-Verzeichnis hat wahrscheinlich fehlerhafte Berechtigungen (bitte chmod 755 oder 777)

Translation by GOOGLE

.import Additional promotions Help for this area Could not upload file: Jochen_Export_Mai_2017.ged. The 'gedcom' directory probably has incorrect permissions (please chmod 755 or 777).


How I can set the chmod 755 or 777 on my computer. At the webserver I have set 777.


Problem2: import GEDCOM File

GEDCOM import GEDCOM file is at the webserver GEDCOM directory.

When I press the button "import Data"  I wait and wait, but no error message and no information. Now new entries at the family tree. 


Problem3: export 

If the import problem is solved, maybe my export will run well.


Thank you so much for you help and information. Please send it to my E-mail peter.ziegenfuss@gmx.net, too

Many greetings from

Peter Ziegenfuss Germany

Hilfe f�r diesen Bereich

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Peter Ziegenfuss

Hello TNG-Users,n

sorry, there was no answer or idea from you. I can not interpret the php and html coding. It takes many days and hours to find the cause of the problem. Now I am happy I have found the "mistake" in my config.php member. The string at the $rootpath variable in config.php was wrong.  I have change the string and now Gedcom import and export is working well.

Take care every time for your and your families healthness.

Many greetings from

Peter Ziegenfuss Germany

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