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Rob Severijns

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Rob Severijns

Hello everyone,


I have several media files that are provided to me by family members.

The deal is that I can use the media files as long as they are not visible within the family tree and as long as certain family members are still alive.

This means these media files need to be marked as Private.

Setting the media files marked as Private results in these files being visible to users with rights to view Private content only.

It would be nice if the Private flag could, by default be set as mentioned above and that besides that there is an option to override this setting for specific Inividuals and/or families.

Basicly saying: Private for all except for users who have the right to view Private content set in the User rights and specific Individuals and/or Families  set for each applicable media file.

This creates the possibility for the provider of the media file to view that specic media file.

Hope this explanation is clear enough.




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