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I'm not sure I have this in the right section, or if anyone can help with this has it's about specific PHP files that belong with the TNG files.

My site got hacked (though a WordPress site I had installed, not though the TNG software, at least I'm pretty sure it was WP) anyway, they rewrote my .htaccess and dropped a whole bunch of PHP files in the root. Most of them I can figure out but a few I'm not sure if they belong with the TNG files or not.

The ones in question are

wgcdnqlo.php (pretty positive that one doesn't belong)

I checked those against the original downloaded files for TNG that I have backed up and they are not in there, so I'm assuming these don't belong, but would like to double check.

Thank you.



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None of those files are in the TNG 11.2, 12.3 or 13.0.2 versions.


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