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Ed R


Happy Holidays!

I am totally confused and could use some advice on how to proceed. Part of my problem is the number of families that I want to set up on my website.  I am not sure if what I am trying to accomplish can be done or I will need some custom programming.  Tried different setups but have gotten lost with all the options. There is an over whelming amount of information on TNG. My programming skill are limited, I am an advanced beginner in HTML. PHP, I can copy, past and make minor modifications. Depending on the cost, I am willing to pay for the modifications.

There are five families that I  am trying to cover in the one website, and one GED file.

The Renaud/Reeners - My 3rd great grandfather’s family to present

The Racine family -  My 3rd great grandmother’s family after she remarried after the death of my 3rd great grandfather.

Knoebel Family – My mother’s paternal family

Schmid Family – My mother’s maternal family

Kraus – My paternal grandmother’s family.

I have been able to add the names in the Home page header but have been only able to get the first two links to work. (See Header.png)image.png


On the Home page, can it be modified to add an additional four more features like Feature 1 to the page? (See Welcome.png)Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated



On the Template setup page, can it be modified for the additional four families. (See Template.png)



My last change is on the Family Information page. When opening I prefer it to open to the Descendants tab instead of the Ancestors. Is this possible?  (See Information.png)



Thank You

Ed Reeners

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There's probably a few ways to make this work for you but I only know one.

If you look at my pics (header & Admin) below, you can see what I've done.

In my header I've used placenames but the principle is the same. I don't use the label fields (my prefix is P) and my four links are generated from admin Feature links listed below.

Coll, https://collgenealogy.com" target="_blank"
Tiree, https://www.tireegenealogy.com" target="_blank"
An Iodhlann, http://www.aniodhlann.org.uk" target="_blank"
Tireegraves, http://www.tireegraves.org.uk" target="_blank"

What you enter before the comma is what appears on the homepage header. To link to someone on your site, just add the URL to that person instead of another site name as I have done i.e. name, yoursiteURLof person



Also, if you don't mind me saying so, I'd consider changing your homepage pic as I have done. My daughter said that it would otherwise look like a photographer's website.

When adding pics to posts,  please make them larger. Yours are way too small.

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Hi Ed,

Another way to solve your problem, is to modify the .../templateXX/index.php

for example:


an the code;


For each menu-entry you can decide which php, you want to call..

pedigree.php for ancestors

familychart.php for family

and so on...







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