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Hi Rick,

Having some trouble with the reworked page you sent me finding the corresponding CSS code it needs, some do and some don't. CSS is still confusing to me. I'm attaching the "mytngstyle.css' file where I put all of files you sent me associated with the php page ypu reworked. I maus have them arrenged incorrectly. Could you have a look at these as see what I might have done wrong and correct where necessary. I am sure it's something I've gotten screwed up.

Thanks again - John


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Firstly it is my pleasure to help, and you may be able to help me in the near future with DNA stuff ­čśä . That was not my intent.. It was to help resolve some-ones probs..

As for the CSS file, the only thing I note is there is a +j in the .normal css.. that might screw anything else up..

Do you have a page I can look at again??


And perhaps we should take this private, as we are moving on from the original topic, and I don't want the Admins to think I'm hogging glory!!


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