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If I understand correctly how the timeline works, it displays all events in the timeline events database that overlap with the life of the required ancestor, and then displays the timeline itself accordingly.

This makes the actual timeline of the ancestor rather small, with big gaps before and after. In the attached exampel, an ancestor lived from 1816 to 1872. This overlaps with, for example, the reign of King George III (1760-1820) for only 4 years, but still the timeline now starts in 1760.

Is there a way to have the timeline show only the period the given ancestor was alive? Maybe +/- 5 years? Or rounded up/down to the closest decennium? That would make it look less cluttered. Showing 1760-1901 for someone alive 1816-1872 seems like a stretch... I don't need to see more than let's say 1810-1880. The overlapping world history events can of course still be displayed in the table below.


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