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Gedcom Import Purge v13.0.0.5a

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This mod appears to install correctly but does not display the labels in either the "Mod Setting Block" or the "import/Export" page. see below

1. Mod settings Block


2. Import/Export Page


As can be seen in the above images the Check box is shown but not the labels. Is anyone else having this problem or suggest a solution.



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Robin Richmond

I haven't found a problem with the mod (yet). A likely cause is a missing mod subfolder. So please see if the folder gedcom_import_purge_v13.0.0.5a is in your mods folder, and that contains this file:


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Robin Richmond

Sorry I took so long. 

version is now posted in the Gedcom Import Purge Wiki article.

I've also posted version of the Gedcom Converter. It fixes a serious problem - it was not creating Person and Family events from Citation Medialinks. That's always been a fundamental feature of the mod, and I'm really unhappy that it wasn't working. But it works now.

Edited by Robin Richmond

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5 hours ago, Robin Richmond said:

Oops. I didn't check the database field creation utility, which needed to be updated for TNGv13.  The Gedcom Import Purge Wiki article now has v13.0.0.5c

We are only human Robin.. Mind you, you are an amazingly clever one IMHO..

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Robin Richmond

Thanks for the kind words, Rick.

I have another update, which is attached.  I'll publish it as version 6 in a day or two (I hope) when I add one more feature. Aside from the fact that version 5c didn't allow the new database field to be deleted, I realized that it wasn't a good idea to just let the Gedcom Import process and Edit media page crash if the user hasn't run the database utility yet.

This was a real slog, but given what you've tested and encountered, I figured that I'd better do it. I've attached version 5d, which will become version 6 when I publish it.
This version's visible changes:
  1. Fixed the bug that prevented users from deleting the database field is fixed.
  2. If you neglect to create the new database field, then the Gedcom Import kickoff form and Edit Media page no longer crash. Instead
    • The Gedcom Import kickoff form tells you that the field is not defined, and provides a link to the database field creation utility. It also won't show the purge medialinks checkbox.  But it does still display the "Suppress the creation of citation medialinks" prompt, and the Gedcom Import works even when the field is missing. 
    • The Media Links section of the Edit Media page tells you that the field is not defined, and provides a link to the database field creation utility. The "From Gedcom" column of the Medialinks HTML table is suppressed, as, of course, are the underlying actions that would ordinarily operate on the database field or the "From Gedcom" checkbox..
  3. The database utility displays a message if you try to add the field when it is already there or delete it when it doesn't exist.
  4. The database utility doesn't show the "Close this window" or "Return to Mod Manager" prompts when it is invoked by linking directly from the Ged Import kickoff form of the Edit Media page.
A small change to the specs of the new database field: 
In v5c and before, it defaulted to null. Now, it defaults to zero. There are no backward-compatibility issues.
A small change in the results of the Gedcom Import. 
If you have unchecked a medialink's From Gedcom checkbox in the Media Edit page (and thus set the createdfromgedcom field to zero), then, when you do the next Gedcom Import (and if that medialink is still in the Gedcom file):
  • In v5c and before, the medialink's createdfromgedcom field value would be set back to 1.
  • In v5d, the modified medialink record is not overwritten, nor is a new medialink created. That is, the Gedcom Import effectively ignores the nearly-duplicate medialink in the Gedcom file.
I'm not sure that there's a good reason to change the From Gedcom checkbox in the first place, but once a user has done so, I would prefer for the next Gedcom Import to leave the modified record intact and add a new nearly-duplicate medialink.  But I just couldn't pull that off, and I decided that I preferred the new behavior. Let me know if you'd prefer the old.
Next Steps
I plan to make one more change before releasing version 6. I want to change some specs of the new field - primarily the fieldname, which is stupidly long, and gets obnoxious when I do SQL queries.  Changing the specs of the field is almost trivial, but it will require that existing users run the setup program after installing v6. But, as with new users, the Gedcom Import kickoff form and the Edit Media page will remind users to run the setup utility if they haven't done so already.
- Robin
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