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There's something that bothers me with the cemeteries. Only slightly, so if there's no easy solution I can live with it. But you never know if someone knows how to deal with it :)

The problem is that TNG asks for too many place levels, which are (I assume) only valid in the US...

The sequence it asks us to fill out is: province/state - district/region - city - cemetery

For England, depending on the location I do: region/county - burough/district - parish/city - cemetery
(for example: London - Westminster - St Anne Soho - St Anne's Churchyard)
(or: London - Ealing - Hanwell - Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Cemetery)
(or: Lancashire - Merseyside - Liverpool - St Andrew's Churchyard)
(or: Lincolnshire - South Kesteven - Claypole - St Peter's Churchyard)

This doesn't always fit the "rules", and isn't always correct (strictly speaking Merseyside is not in Lancashire, but it does allow for me to have that extra level and Liverpool used to be in Lancashire, so it's not totally incorrect either), but it looks ok as an output.

For Belgium, however, it is impossible to do this. We simply don't have that many subdivisions (or none that are used in daily life anyway, I could start inserting electoral districts, but nobody knows those, and they are named after cities so it would be weird to see one sity as a subdivision of another city).

There the sequence displays like this: province - unknown city - city - cemetery
(for example: Oost-Vlaanderen - unknown city - Zele - Begraafplaats Zele-Centrum)

So there's 2 issues:

  1. it says "unknown city", while the city is known, it's the district/region which is not filled out --> it should say "no district" or "unknown district" or something ***
  2. the district/region does not exist and should actually not be displayed at all, in stead of being labeled as "unknown"

Does anyone know how I can make that page display only the sub-levels that are actually filled out, without saying "doesn't exist"? So 2-3-4 levels, depending on what's filled out, having the largest one showing as "London" or "Oost-Vlaanderen" in the example.

If that's not possible, is there a way to change the "unknown city" text to something else, without changing any of the words on other pages?



*** it actually says "gemeente" and not "stad" (city), but those are generally speaking synonyms and only differ in the existence of certain historic rights; in administration or daily life, "stad" and "gemeente" are identical



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TNG Admin ------> Setup ------> General Settings ------> Cemeteries



The "Suppress "Unknown" categories" setting


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Auch, that's the second time this week that the solution to my problem is in the setting... I should really watch those with more attention 🙈

Thanks and sorry!

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