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Change BGcolour of HiLite of child and person pop-ups?

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Hi All,


At the index page of my (Swedish only) "community research" site (rightmost in my signature) my users can select light pages ("Ljusa sidor" - default) or dark pages ("Mörka sidor") via radio buttons close to the top.

When dark pages are selected and you open ...

A) ... a list of persons and point to one, the person is displayed in a high-lighted pop-up


B) ... a getperson.php and point to a child in the Family section, the child is high-lighted


But the background is white and that's not great, using the dark background. So I want to either turn the hilite off completely - but NOT the pop-up itself - or use another background colour. But how? Do you know?

I've tried this:

td.highlightedchild, .pboxpopupdiv {
	background-color: #FF0000;

... with and w/o the "td" to no avail. (Yes; red. For testing) That's the only thing I've found that may be changing the background. But it doesn't :-(  You can try it yourself as the dark pages ("mörka sidor") .css is loaded including the above code. Click "Andersdotter" in the name cloud.

NOTE: This is TNG v12.3. AND I've cleared my cache.


Any help will be deeply appreciated.


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