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Working with search function of TNG

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Hi Moders and Programmers !

I would like to write a Mod that would allow to insert a link to a individual of the genealogy into a note.
For this, I would like to use TNG's search function (the one we usually use to search for a spouse or a child we would like to add).
This search function is called with a button :

        <input type="button" value="Person Search" onclick="return findItem('I','hiddennote' , 'mynote' , '' , '' );">

findItem() is a function from selectutils.js

So I create a button, a text field (mynote) and a hidden field (hiddennote) in the note editing window.
It works very well, the search window opens and I can select a person in the genealogy.

The return URL is in the form : http://....../admin_editperson.php?personID=I5&tree=KC1&cw=1#

The problem is that I don't know where and when this "admin_editperson.php" is inserted in the URL.
I would have to replace it by "admin_editnote.php" to be able to intercept the result...
Can someone help me?
Thank you


add link01.JPG

add link02.JPG

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Ken Roy


Have you looked as to whether you need to modify ajs_editperson.php (the AJAX module) rather than admin_editperson.php

Edited - Alternatively you need to look at how the Association dialog is setup to work.  Or you could look at what I had to do for the Same Person Link mod which is patterned after the Associations dialog.  I got help to create my mod.

By the way, moder is not a valid English word

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