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Barry Ennever

broadnote error (TNG V13)

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Barry Ennever

The following error is appearing on various family history pages incl http://www.ennever.com/histories/history4739.php

 Warning: Use of undefined constant broadnote - assumed 'broadnote' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/ennever6/public_html/genlib.php on line 1004

The line numbers in genlib may not be same as yours as it's a modified file but it appears in this section: function tng_icons

The line reads:             $fullmenu .= getFORM( "search", "get", "", "") . "\n";

Is anyone able to offer any thoughts?  Many thanks, Barry.



A mod (Broad search) adds [broadnote] to genlib.php.  S/be ['broadnote'] so line 123 of the cfg file needs to be corrected to include the single quote.

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