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I've been fiddling about with creating a method to email a birthday report using the existing codebase.  The idea would be to create a cron job that sent out an email with birthdates, death dates, etc., that occurred on the current date.  While I could do this using curl or wget and then using sed to change a few bits and pieces of the html that is generated, it would be much more user-friendly is there were a mod to email reports out in the codebase or as a modification.

Does anyone else do this kind of thing, and if so, how?


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Not for me, thanks.

But if you write the code, making a Mod with this code is not so difficult.

For that, read the documentations about how write à Mod.

If you experience problems, just say it !


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Strangely I have been thinking about asking for something like this myself..


Writing the code etc will be way above my level of php etc, however I would be happy to test on my 12.3 Version of TNG and when V13 comes out on that too..


Rick M


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