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evendate and evendatetr unexpected behavior

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not sure how much information to share here in order to get the point across, but I'll try and be concise and provide extra information as needed.  frankly, I don't think (a) - (c) are needed, other than for context.

(a) I use Diane Begemen's method to record my census data in "The Master Genealogist" (TMG) as referenced on this site.    http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Census.htm

(b) standard gedcom export from TMG does not properly handle this on export due to the use of witnesses.

(c) as such, I've created a report in TMG that pulls the data I'm interested in.  I then save as .csv file.  I then import into TNG using phpmyadmin.

(d) this process works very well with one exception.  when I save the file from excel into a .csv file; some of the dates are saving properly; while others are not.  the dates that are not saved properly (they have slashes instead of dashes) end up as zero's in the eventdatetr field which then is causing my person view in TNG to not be sorted properly.

(e) so basically excel has the proper format for the dates (all dashes).  this can be seen in the attachment "report_in_excel".

(f) the csv file has the wrong date format, but only for some dates (those with slashes instead of dashes).  this can be seen in the attachment "report_in_csv".

(g) upon import through phpmyadmin, the events table can be seen in "report_in_phpmyadmin".  this shows the records that had slashes in the dates rather than dashes coming in all as zeros into eventdatetr.

hope this makes sense.  happy to answer any questions.

thank you for any assistance.




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I've solved this issue.  with the possibility that someone else uses TMG and uses this method to get their census data into TNG - I'm posting the solution.

(a) when exporting from TMG, choose .csv file type rather than .xls file type.

(b) manipulate the data in excel (in my case, I use a macro) and simply save as the same type of file you started with - which is .csv.

the issue seems to be related to how excel saves from .xls to .csv with respect to some dates.


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