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Template 17 woes

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When I started, I did some editing that I haven't been able to fix. I edited the opening for the picture on the opening page alright. I even managed to replace the icon/picture that appears on the very left of the light brown section. I circled the two problems that I haven't been able to fix. At the present time, when you click on the "more" link, you get a "Not Found" error message.Problem areas.jpeg

1. How do I fix the two circled areas?

2. Is it possible to correct the text in the Contact Us paragraph? There is no "Us" just me. I want to change the Us to Me.

Thank you for the help!

Edited by Cormac
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Rob Severijns



In your language files look for the following string and change it. (Make sure you make a backup of your language file)

$text['contactus_long'] = "If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please <span class=\"emphasis\"><a href=\"suggest.php\">contact us</a></span>. We look forward to hearing from you.";

You will have to change it again if an updated version of TNG is installed.

Can't help you with te More... issue.


Kind regards,




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You can try this but first make a backup of your Template17 index.php file!

  174      <p><a class="footer-link" href="<?php echo $tl1; ?>"><?php echo $text['more']; ?> ...</a></p>
  195    <p><a class="footer-link" href="<?php echo $tl2; ?>"><?php echo $text['more']; ?> ...</a></p>

Lines 174 and 195 (yours might be slightly different line numbers)

Remove more from each of the two lines but leave the single quotes i.e. 'more' to ' '

Upload the edited index.php file to your Template17 folder and see if this works.

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