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Sosa new option - User can designate its own Sosa1

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Opening a new Topic about this idea, resuming some advices from TNG users

Aug 19, Ron Said : "That would be of interest for sure.  Along with open my page, and bookmarks, etc, the site would be tailored to the user.  I think today the user isn't comfortable setting or designating the Sosa, particularly each time they log on.  Good winter project indeed! "

Aug, 20. Katryne said : "Michel : a Sosa to be chosen by each member, something like a cookie attached to his profile ? That would be gerat for the village website. "
         Answer Yes Katryne,  something like that... May be a little table with user-sosa1-tree server side and a local array... I still have to think about it.

Aug 20, Ken said : " You should also consider an option that allows the TNG Administrator to decide whether users can set their own Sosa or not.  Possibly use an option that is tied to the user record that contains the user's treeID and personID, assuming they all contain valid data, to anchor the starting Sosa so it could be set by the administrator and not chew up bandwidth and MySQL execution time while the user plays with their starting number.  My user records do not all contain the user's treeID and personID because my database was not updated when Darrin added those 2 fields to the user record.  Just a thinking out loud here, since i can see Sosa number setting as chewing up MySQL execution time. "
      Answer : In any case, the option would be offered ONLY for connected members, possibly with pre/post authorization of the administrator.

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Ken has made a good point and I agree it should be administrator-controlled, one choice only for each member/user, and set by admin.

My site has annual membership AND life membership. Admin control will also allow me to decide whether or not annual members should get this feature.

By the time you get this done, TNG13 might be out and I think this time I will upgrade from TNG11

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Thanks Michael

It's noted...

First, i think i will review all the code of sosa...

It was my first program with PHP, and I see now that there are many things

that I can code more efficiently...

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