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Leo te Braake

Open Street Map mod: ideas for features

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Leo te Braake

Hi Erik,

First: I like the way that places involved in the life of one person are represented in OSM. Different colours for different events, all nice and clear.

Things change a bit, when the places involved are within one community with a few on  50 - 100 km distance. Look at added file Raineldis. The cluster is in the South, and you can't even count the places there, let allone connect them to addresses, without zooming in.

Farm names played an important role when under Napoleon rule people had to adopt a fixed family name. So defined a picture of all farms in my village of birth. It looks like  attached file Rekken.

A friend pointed me to <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/>  Maybe this is what you used for the mod, maybe other tools

The friend has made a map for a site on the history of Vught, a place in the south of the Netherlands. He generated the map using <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/vughtse-historie_110715#14/51.6686/5.2928>    It shows several interesting features!  So I made a start for my map of Farms in Rekken, and included it for now on the  non-TNG part of my site:  <https://www.ltebraake.nl/rekken/boerderijen-in-rekken>.

If you take a good look at the two links, you may recognize the following list of Features I would like to see in the TNG OSM mod, in order of priority:

  1. Option to show the name of the places on hoovering over the  pins, not only by clicking on it.
  2. Optionally choose to to cluster pins in an orange circle with the number of pins in it, but display them individually even where crowded
  3. Option to choose a slim pin for individual maps, e.g. when they are crowded with pins
  4. Option to use layers with each a group/category or manually picked pins, wih a list of layers to switch them on/off individually.
  5. Option to browse through the data under the pind (see black bar in layers menu on Vught site)
  6. Option to use an icon in the pins

For me the first three feel like necessary for TNG, the others like "nice to have".

Looking forward to what others think of these suggestions.









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Hi Leo,

Thanks for your suggestions. That is some wish-list... What you ask for, in my mind, is a brand new map tool.

I used a JavaScript library called OpenLayers because I was able to use TNG files like googlemaplib.php. A bit of "translation" was all (well...) that was needed. So I made a "plain" replacement for Googlemaps instead of something new. A switch from Googlemaps to OSM is therefore (almost) transparent - no new features to understand for the admin.

And that was my only goal. To expand the map features beyond TNG's original ones would require a deep study of the OpenLayers library and all the add-ons (of which the heatmap is one). That is, I'm afraid, not doable for me.

1. Clicking a pin shows not only the name of the place but also information like persons' names and event dates etc. Such big boxes popping up on hover, especially when there are lots of pins in the map (see my Local Community Research site index page, link in the signature) would be quite irritating, I think. But I suppose it's doable.

2. You are asking for a Heatmap. In this library it's an add-on that I don't know anything about except that I after lots of tries was able to feed it the data in a format that was accepted. I don't even know how to add the Map/Satellite switch to them. Yet.

I'm afraid that it isn't possible for me to re-make the OSM mod like you want. That is a totally new tool/interface and so many added features that it's no longer just a replacement for Google maps. It's not possible for me to get the time needed for that.

If you or anyone else wants to make a feature-packed replacement mod for the OSM mod, you should absolutely do it. I may be of some help, but probably not much as I don't really know the OpenLayers library: I just found the bits and pieces I needed to make the mod work.

I hope this conversation inspires at least someone to start a project for this.

Best regards,

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Leo te Braake

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your honest reply. I can't make this expanded mod either, so I will live with what's present now. For most occasions, the maps are already near perfect.

The enhancements I envisioned need not necessarily be dynamic. So I can continue to make those special maps in U-OSM, and include them in TNG wit a Wrapper-mechanism, or even as an image.

But even so: mod-makers who are inspired: make my dreams come true!

Thanks for bearing with me...

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