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Paul Barrett

I am setting up TNG for use by an FHS.  The target use is to host members' ancestor charts, a 5 generation pedigree chart that features the key individual, parents, GPs, GGPs and GGGPS only, so 1+2+4+8+16=31 people max.

The obvious way to get that data into TNG is a GEDCOM import.  That file could come from one of hundreds of members who use many different desktop programs of differing vintages and versions, any of which could use any version of GEDCOM  with the liberties that each vendor has taken with the standard.  There will be gremlins of all sort hidden in those GEDCOMs.

So it's clear to me that we will need a gateway program that a volunteer can use to sanitise these files and regenerate them in a consistent format for import to a TNG branch.  That gateway program will also need to have the ability to strip out all but the 31 records.

Bearing all that in mind, is there a standout candidate that should be used?  A product that is most compatible with TNG

Thanks for listening

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