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I changed from template 4 to template 13 some days ago.

My templateconfig.php shows on FTP as last modification date the Nov 4th, 2018, and has only the contents of template 4.
What would I have to do to update my templateconfig.php?

Thanks for advice,



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Ken Roy

The templateconfig.php file is now obsolete as of TNG v12.  That config file was converted to database entries in the tng_templates table.

You have to use the Admin > Setup > Template Settings to update the database.

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@Ken Roy Thank you for your quick reply!

I asked because in the readme 12x-123 it is written, that I should back up the templateconfig.php - so it seems to be obsolet to do a back up:


TNG 12.3 Upgrade

(From v.12.x)

Installation Instructions

  1. Back up settings and custom files, other preparation.   |   Hide instructions

    If you haven't done so lately, please make a backup of the following important files before proceeding (you might need them later, even if nothing goes wrong here):

    • config.php (general settings)
    • *footer.php or footer.html (custom footer)
    • importconfig.php (import settings)
    • *index.php or index.html (your home page!)
    • logconfig.php (log settings)
    • mapconfig.php (map settings)
    • meta.php (custom meta data & scripting)
    • mmconfig.php (mod manager settings)
    • *css/mytngstyle.css (style sheet)
    • pedconfig.php (pedigree settings)
    • templateconfig.php (template settings)
    • *topmenu.php or topmenu.html (custom header)

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