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TNG Header expanded as default under Wordpress

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I have been working with a local version of TNG and WP to set it up with the TNG Wordpress Plugin.
All seems to work fine in the local version, but if I try to do the same in the online version the TNG header shows up expanded vertical under Wordpress, like this:



The local version looks normal like this:



I dont know why this is happening or what is triggering it and more important how to fix it.

To make it more confusing so will the same index.php thats used for this show up normal if addressed directly: ../tng/index.php


Any tip or idea of how to solve this will be much appreciated :-)





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Check what you have for the Genealogy URL set in TNG's Admin.

It should be the URL to your WordPress genealogy page

Can you post a URL to your site's WordPress genealogy page?

If you look in the source code of the page, are the TNG css files being correctly included in the <head> section of the page?


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