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Wrote Java app to add IDs to persons - any interest?

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I wrote a java app to automatically add IDs to people. If anybody is interested, please read the following and tell me.

How do you organize your data?


I started by applying an ID to each person using initials of a descendant and the ancestor count from there. (Ahnen-ID in picture)

Example: For  "Adam Bennet" this would result in

  • Himself AB-0001,
  • His father AB-0002,
  • His mother AB-0003,
  • His grandfaher AB-0004

I am sure you get the pattern... ;)

Later I added reference IDs to sources like CV2-6658 which means second book on Charleville, person ID 6655 (Quellenreferenz in picture).

Now I wrote a java app to attach events to each person that show exactly these IDs in TNG.

Is anybody interested in this app? You will need at least

  • good skills in administering TNG
  • direct access to your database
  • a little SQL knowledge and have to use MySQLWorbench or eg. dbViszualizer to access the database directly
  • a little programming skills and installation of eclipse development environment.


ps: I modified the ancestors PDF generation as well to show theses IDs. This is very useful:


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