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Headstones and Cemetaries

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Could someone suggest a workflow. I have about 300 photos of headstones many of them war graves

Do I add  cemetery first and then headstone then connect to individual

or do I upload a batch of headstone pics and attach them to individuals then cemetery

I'm a bit confused about what to do in what order, also what about geocode at what stage do I have to add that?

Suggestions welcome

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It doesn't really matter what order you choose.

If it were me, here's what I would do.

Upload all 300 photos via ftp to your headstones folder.

When you create the burial placename eg. "cemetery x", that is not the cemetery.

You also have to create a cemetery (in most cases the same name) and link the placename to it i.e. an association.

On your pc/device it's best to sort by cemetery, then you can proceed to link the pics to people/cemetery.

Reason for this is that there's a mod https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Cemetery_Session

This allows you to use a "repeat button" for the same cemetery and saves you searching for it in the list (button shows after the first headstone is linked). I have over 4000 headstones on my site!

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