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SOLVED: What am I doing wrong and how to..histories

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Hi all,

SOLVED: I am trying to figure out how to link a histories page to a person's page ID, so it becomes associated with.

If you go to https://www.vincentwrites.com/family/ - the page is a work in progress - as is the rest of the site.

If you click the big image, it will take you to a histories page. That is in my histories folder.

How do I get that to be associated with the individual's record under "People"?  Do I need to modify the features.php page in order for this to work, despite the fact I skipped that part and created a histories page instead?

The answer: If you have a histories file and want it associated to an individual or individuals, go to your admin panel,  click on media, click the tab add new, select collection "Histories" -

Instead of uploading file, if you've already uploaded it, underneath is "File name on Site" and a button, select. Click "Select".

All the files in your histories folder will pop up in a small window. Click the one you want.

If you have a thumbnail you want to use, modify the thumbnail request, if not, a generic book will be selected fr you.

Scroll down to Media Information.

Put a title in there.

Put a description in there. Fill out other fields below if necessary.

Click save and continue.

You will then have the option to choose a person you want that history added to.


Go to the person's page on your website and it should show up at the bottom, below photos and documents (if there are any). I hope that helps someone else.

Note, if you haven't already jumped the gun like I did and uploaded a history page to the site like I did, then you simply add your history this way and select the file to upload and follow the rest of the steps above so you can get your file associated with said individual. I' appear to have done things backwards.

EDIT. Solved - not sure how I screwed this up. Is there a way to call a person's id page directly via a link (clearly getperson=personID etc doesn't work as that's a php function communicating with my sql  tablesand I've tried numerous ways and haven't found the way for it to work).  I'd say I'm not a beginner, but it's been so long since I've done a lot of this stuff, that I've forgotten a lot that I may as well be.


Thanks to Alan for his helpfulness, also.

Thanks in advance,


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I've done this on a number of occasions. I write the feature article first which is available as part of magazine section of the website. If it relates to a particular person, then I have a section on the person page which is called Personal Histories. I then create a "diversion" link to load the article from the person's own page.

If of interest send me a PM and I'll send you a demonstration and the code fragment which operates it.


Cheers Alan


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