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GEDCOM Export Filter

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Subject : GEDCOM Export filter.

I was recently asked by a friend, who runs a one million individuals database on a homegrown proprietary thick client enviroment which is already reaching it's limits.

Multiple editors are working in parallel per remote desktop login on a set of workstations.

From this "single point of truth" database, my friend selects information in order to print heritage books.

My task is to investigate a web server based solution, and my first choice would be TNG / WAMP of course.

The project is currently in the phase of discovering showstoppers, and work out solutions, when we find any.

We want to avoid home grown software components, whenever possible.

There is currently one major showstopper on the list :

TNG has only (as far as I found out), a (very) poor method of selecting individuals for the GEDCOM export.

We would like to have a solution, that looks like this :

- add one or more user defined tag(s) (or event or fact) to every individual, so far so good, this feature is already implemented in TNG.

- but then, and this feature is missing :

  during GEDCOM export filter all individuals, that own this filter arguments.  

Now, since I'm a software developer since the early 1970ies that was not difficult to implement a little filter logic in admin_gedcom2.php behind line 1402.

But :

That's not the way, we want to proceed, and that's the reason, why I'm asking here :

GEDCOM Export filter seems to me to be a common issue,

So what's the TNG-code-owner's policy to deal with a requirement like that :

- have me issued a change and enhancement request to TNG development ?

- look for a "Module", that adresses my issue ? (I didn't find one),

- make an individual (proprietary) code change ?

Export the entire database and carry out the filtering outside is no solution for us, because of the (estimated) duration of the export of more than 24 hours.

Selecting by branches doesn't work, because the set of selected individuals does not form a tree.

Using the "trees" logic doesn't work either , because we have no subdivision in "trees", because we have tons of links that would go across tree boundaries.


any hints and suggestions are welcome.

Gerd from Palatinate Germany

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If you can change the TNG code so it does what you want it to you're free to do that. If you make the code change as a Mod, it means you can easily make the change each time there is an update to TNG simply by reinstalling the Mod.

If you change becomes popular and a lot of TNG users like it and use it, then perhaps Darrin would implement it into the TNG code at some stage - this has happened to a lot of extra features that people designed and implemented - eg Google Maps started out as a modification to TNG (before there was even a Mod manager to make installing it "easy".


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Thanks, Roger,

I read from your reply, that there is currently no enhanced GEDCOM Export available, in other words, we would need to implement something.

At the moment, we are in an investigation phase, too early to come up with a detailed solution.

best regards



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