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Philip Roy

Allowing edits of the Notes section

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Philip Roy

I'm in the process of setting up a private site for family members (this explains the blurred text in the image attached) based on information that mum and dad entered into Reunion over a number of years.

Mum and dad used the "Notes" field in Reunion as a place to write biographies of some people...not horrendously long text, but also not short notes either.

I don't want to allow users that login to the site to edit anything without me approving the changes...but I note that at the moment using the settings for my test user (see image attached) that Notes can't be edited (like the two items I point to in the image can be).

Is this because Notes is effectively a free text field...and I either have to agree to let them edit the whole field or nothing? I really was hoping they could edit the text area and submit chnages for my approval.

At the moment, my settings are basically "you can suggested changes for a lot of facts, but not the notes"...but I don't want to set their access to "you can alter anything you want".

I'm trying to find the right balance of editing rights. At the moment, I'm thinking I'll have to leave it how it is, and ask people to email the changes they want to their Notes field directly to me. Is there a better way?

On a side note...if there is a better place in an individual page/record to place a biography (and how you would go about that)...then I'm open to making adjustments...although that will be a lot of work for me, both in TNG and Reunion.





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Ken Roy

You selected the option to Allow to submit edits for administrative review, which is why you are seeing those edit icons next to the events.

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Philip Roy

Yes, but I was asking about the Notes section.

I want the same ability...to allow edits of Notes with administrative review. As far as I can manage in testing, it's not an option...I would need to set user privileges to "Allow to edit any existing data" and I don't want to do that. I was wondering if there was a workaround to make Notes editable for submission and review.

Cheers, Phil

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