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Headstones - How To

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I'm a relatively new user of TNG and am just starting to use the headstone functionality to add photos of gravestones to my website.  I have not found a good FAQ on this feature so I am hoping for the collective wisdom of the forum to ensure I am starting out in the right direction with the best process.

I update my TNG site with a GEDCOM upload without any media.  This has been working well, except the progress bar/window doesn't update during the upload, but I understand that is a server side issue.  I plan to upload the headstones using a separate upload and not within the GEDCOM file.


This is my process:

1. Go to the Admin>Media section, select the Upload tab, then select the Headstones collection and All Trees.

2. Click 'Add Files...' button and choose the gravestone for this person from my local computer.  The file and a thumbnail appear in the upload window. 

3. At the bottom of the window select the type as Person, then enter the individuals ID and select the 'Link to Selected' button, check 'Lind to Specific Event' and choose Burial from the dropdown menu.

4. Click the 'Start Upload' button.

5. When the upload is complete the window shows a green checkmark and a thumbnail. I then click the 'Media Links' button, enter the Person ID and click 'Add' button and close the window when the link appears.

6. Finally to confirm everything worked, select the Search tab at the top of the Admin>Media panel. The newly added headstone is now in the media list with a thumbnail and the name of the linked individual.

This process seems to be working for me.  Is this the best practice? Suggestions for process improvements?

I am assuming that the headstone jpg image is uploaded to the server in its full size.  Many of these can be large files.  Does it make sense to resize the image before uploading to save server space? If so is there an optimal jpg size you would recommend?


I have only added a few headstones, so I am open to changing my process based on recommendations. Thanks for helping out a newbie to TNG.





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Sounds like you are having success with your headstone pics.

If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it 😀

There probably is a size limit though and it's good practice to ensure they load quickly i.e. that they are not too large.

My own pics are around 200-300kb in size which gives good quality: no need for 1mb or larger.

I use a prog to re-size but there are many online sites that can do this too.

Also, rather than uploading the way you do, I use an ftp client (ftpcommander) to upload directly to the headstones folder, and then choose from there etc..

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Thanks for the advice manofmull. I used an FTP client (Filezilla) and interesting the headstone files I uploaded using my process are not in /public_html/headstone folder.  Is that where they would be stored using my process or in another area on the server?  Seems weird. Using the FTP to upload the files and then link later might be easier.

I will look at resizing my photos before uploading them with the size you suggested.


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Update. I found all my files! Yes, there were right where they should be in /headstones folder. My error using the FTP client.

I might try the FTP process as I think it may be easier.

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