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Cannot add sources, spouses or children

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I am not exactly sure how to phrase my question. 

I am unable to add a source, a spouse or children. When I try  half of the page becomes shaded and  I have no option to continue,

I am desperately in need of a solution because it is very frustrating to say the least.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A photo is attached of what is occurring.

TNG problem.JPG

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Chris Lloyd

In an attempt to work out what your issue is:

1. adding a source is by selecting the right hand icon and then completing the details in the pop-up. (does your browser block pop-ups?)

2. adding a spouse - there should be the option further down that page to add new spouse/partner - again it opens a page to add new family so pop-up blocker may apply here too.

3. After save and continue of the page from 2 above there's an option to add children.


It would be helpful to have a url of your site and if you rrestrict access then perhaps a guest logon to see what the issue is.

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It looks like it's trying to display an overlay input box, and that the input box is missing. It should look like this if for example you're trying to add a Source to a person when you have the Edit Person screen open.



If you maximise the browser window do you see such a box, or the edges of such a box? This box is called "LB_window", and is defined in the file css/genstyle.css and js/litbox.js

You might try uploading new fresh copies of those files to your site to see if that changes anything


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