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Looking for someone to help with site update and various other issues.  Priority being version update 

I have not been active on my site for a long while but left it up and just recently looked at it and was startled at all my issues I seem to have.

I could not get back into the TNG forum as I forgot my password so I contacted Darrin Lythgoe for a place to start.  He said the first thing I need to do is update my version first as I am running a VERY old version (8.3.1) and obtain an API key from Google maps 

In the past, I used a Wild-Type design to get my site up and running and complete all the customization but she is no longer available.  I simply do not have the skills needed beyond small stuff.  

I also noticed that my site is not showing as secure.   I have contacted my web host (Simply Hosting) and was told that my site i"s using a valid SSL certificate.  But, not showing green padlock due to the presence of mixed content"  

I appreciate any assistance as I have a mess on my hands.


Sharon Randall

email: srandall54@att.net

website:  generationsgoneby.com





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