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Carl Rhodes

After installing TNG v. 12.2 from v. 11.2, my custom pages not displaying right.

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Ken Roy
1 hour ago, Carl Rhodes said:

How do I check if it converted to the tng_templates table

TNG would have converted what was in the templateconfig.php file to the tng_templates table.  When you go to Admin > Setup > Template Settings and select your template the information should be displayed.  if it is not displayed, if you have a backup of the previous template settings in templateconfig.php you might be able to restore that file and then re-run the database upgrade step. See https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=TNG_V12_Change_Impacts#Minimizing_Impact


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If I may tag on to this discussion, for an issue I'm having.

The Share, Print, & Bookmark icons are "moving" from the menu bar down into the page body of the new user page. I've reviewed the css files that I believe effect this (genstyle css and templatestyle css). I cant figure out to get those three menu icons to remain in the menu bar. The links, albeit "invisible but there", keep jumping to the page body.

Any suggestions?



TNG v12.2

Template 207

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Solved my issue by removing the Share and Bookmark links all together in Setup | General Settings.

Thank you.

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