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In some cases, I have more than one media attached to an event. For example, an ancestor dying in the St Thomas Hospital in London, has 4 or 5 pictures and plans of that hospital back in those days. Another has a census which is spread out over two pages,both attached.

They perfectly export into the Gedcom, TNG even imports them, but only actually links one single image. The others are there in the media folder, but all unlinked. Why is that, and how can I stop TNG from doing that? I do not want to do a report on unlinked media and manually link them every time I import a new gedcom...


EDIT apparently it's only the case for some events... Death (standard) and census (custom) only have one media, while occupation (standard) seems to be able to hold several. In one person, the death only has one out of 5 media, while his occupation has all 9. It's not a display issue, the media that are supposed to be attached to the death really aren't attached.

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Ian Davidson



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