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Jan Suhr

[SOLVED] Incorrect age calculation

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Jan Suhr

I am at the moment upgrading my site to version 12.1. Yes I know there is a 12.2 but I have already started with this and plan to update when it goes live. Running it local at the moment.

The age calculation doesn't work at all, it shows totally wrong age or no age at all. My live site who is on 11.0.2 shows the ages correctly.

Is this a known problem and hopefully fixed in 12.2 or is there something I can correct somewhere? 



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Jan Suhr

I just found out that the GEDCOM I imported didn't have the date format set to GEDCOM. Exported correctly from my desktop program it now calculates properly.

How ever all the personal dates like birth, death and marriage shows correctly from the GEDCOM with date format as it is in the desktop program.

So everything is OK now.

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