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Uniformizing Metaphones

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Hi All,

Basis of the problem :

I have many lastnames in my database which not good linked by the metaphone

Example : MAITRE HINS, METHINS, METENS, METANS, MERTENS are lastname of the same lineage,

which are changed with the time and the transcriptions (Everybody known that problem !)

The metaphone are different for those lastnames : MTNS, MTRH, ..and so on

When I want to introduce a new person in the database, i use a research on the metaphone to see if

this "METANS Marie" don't exists yet under "METEHENS Marie" or "METENS Marie".

So the best way I found is to uniformize the metaphones for all those lastnames : Every lasname have as metaphone MTNS.

Perfect !

But this must be done manually (with sql statements) in the database.

My question : Do you think that exists an interest to write a mod/program which permits to automatize this task ?

I mean a program where you can choose a lastname and designate all the lastnames who must have the same metaphone...


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