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Here's one for @Robin Richmond

My source tree is made and kept in Family Tree Maker, as I find it easier to use than the TNG admin section. I only use TNG to upload and display my tree on my website. To do this, I am using your Gedcom Convertor, which works like a charm.

There's only one thing which is a (small) issue for me, but maybe not for others. I think I evoked the problem in another post, without knowing it was related to this mod.

Apparently, if I read the included help file correctly, the mod searches for media (OBJE) attached to citations and attaches them to the corresponding sources AND persons. This is not something I would want it to do. Attaching it to the source is less of a problem, but in an ideal world the OBJE should only be visible on the person page with the corresponding fact/event. Meaning: a birth certificate should be visible with the person's birth date only.

I know TNG doesn't handle media attached to citations as FTM does. In FTM, I only need to attach the media to a citation, and it becomes visible with every event that citation is linked to. To make the same happen in TNG, I don't only attach the media to the citation, but also directly to the event. In FTM this is unnecessary, but it does have a good result in TNG so I'm happy with that.

The problem now is that the convertor also attaches those media to to person, not only the event/fact/source/... Meaning that the birth certificate is shown with the birth, but also in the media section at the bottom of the page. When I modify it and remove the link between the person and the media, it shows perfectly. But I can't do that for every person, every time I upload a new gedcom...

So my question is: is there a simple way (just masking out a couple of lines) to modify the gedcom convertor so it does not attach citation media to persons?


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I have a walk around for this issue, but it brings other issues with it...

When I export my gedcom from FTM, I first import it into RootsMagic, before exporting a second gedcom which I import into TNG. This solves some problems I had:

  • citation media are only linked to the facts they go with, not the persons
  • children and spouses are ordered
  • some facts/events are shown as intended and not as a custom fact (eg. Cause of Death)

The downside, however, is that:

  • everyone is renumbered; external links to a specific person will be broken after every new upload
  • in longer blocks of text, like notes or media descriptions, there are several extra spaces; the break up words, but also some html code for text make up I included
  • I'm not sure everything is imported/exported; the resulting gedcoms from TNG and RM are too different to run a comparison

So in a way it's a choice between pest and cholera...

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