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Media - show and don't show

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Hi all,

in my desktop app (FTM2017), I only need to attach media such as birth certificates to their citation. They are then automatically attached/shown in the fact or event that citation is used for, as well as the person. TNG doesn't work in this way, so to solve the visibility, I've started attaching all my media one by one not only to the citation, but also to the event(s) and person(s) they are linked with. This makes sure the media are shown on the TNG person profile with the fact/event.

However, they also show below in the media section. I would find a manner so that only the media that are not already present on the page are shown below in the media section (if that is at all possible). Right now, the birth certificate, for example, is shown with the birth date, and a second time with the media. I would want every image to be displayed only once - preferably with the fact it belongs to. The media section below should only be used (in my ideal scenario) for general media that aren't linked to any events, such as portrait pictures, news paper articles or general documents.

Thanks for any hints on how to accomplish this!

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It is probably (again...) an FTM export vs TNG import issue...

In FTM, all I need to do is attach the media to a citation. The media is visible in every person or fact/event that citation is linked to. Importing into TNG, however, doesn't show the meia anywhere except the source the citation is attached to.

When I attach the media not only to the citation, but also to all facts it belongs to, that is automatically imported by TNG (or exported by FTM?) into the event AND the person. What I want to achieve is possible, if I manually remove every link with a person profile, but leave the link with the event. Which is impossible to do...

So I think my only solution is either learn to live with double media, or only show the media grouped at the bottom and not with the fact they belong to.
(the best solution would be that TNG would do the same as FTM: when a media is attached to a citation, every fact or event that citation is linked to should also show that media; but TNG seems to have a strange way to treat sources and citations...)


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