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Multiple Trees

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I have 8 gedcom files sent to me by family members. 

I have uploaded them into TNG and created separate trees from them.


How do I turn them "off" or "hide" them so when I go to add data only my tree is visible.


Carlton Brooks

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If you go to TNG Admin ------> Setup ------> General Settings ------> Site Design and Definition and choose your tree as the Default Tree - does that achieve what you want?


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Thank you for the reply.

I tried it, but still shows all trees and makes me choose what tree I want to use when adding media and such.

How is using Default Tree supposed to work?

Am I missing something else.


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Selecting the 'Default Tree' option in TNG merely makes the tree you have selected the "primary" and thus displayed option in various dynamic pages that have the dropdown tree selection option.  So if you make no selection (blank) in Site Design, the data from EVERY tree is queried and displayed in such things as Surname List, Calendar, Search People, etcetera.

If you select a default tree, only the data from that particular tree is presented on the page.  One can still use the dropdown menu to select any other tree.  This includes any public guest visitor.  Using the default tree does not hide any of the other trees.  I had looked into this some time back as a way to work with family lines and the families of others (non-related) and could not find any method to selectively hide trees--including mods.  If anyone else knows of a way to do this, please jump in!  😉

I have seen others use "Branches" to limit the display of person lines to anyone logged in with assigned or Admin privileges.  A mod such as Hide Branch Names is commonly used.  The proviso here is that these persons (via their GEDCOM) must be loaded into an existing tree. 

One can restrict access to assigned trees, but this only works with logged on users--not guests.  I don't think that is what you are looking for either...

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I would have thought that when adding media, you can select your own tree or a person in it, for linking purposes.

Doing so would auto-filter out other trees

i.e. in Admin/>>>>

Media Information
Edit media title, description and other basic details

Date Taken/Created:    
Tree:     >>>> select which tree here
Always viewable
Open in new window



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Rob Severijns

Unfortunately it's not possible to make these tree changes for multiple media at once. Like in a batch.

Each media file has to be linked to a tree separately unless someone else knows how to do it.

I edit my data in TNG and don't use a desktop program next to it.

So this is a time consuming and annoying proces.

Wish there would be mod or change in TNG that makes editing multiple records possible.

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