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Event Report for Families

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I know how to create a TNG report to find a specific event connected to a specific person/individual. And I think I know that such a report does not exist for families. 

What I want to do is clean up, merge, combine, simplify Family Censuses. My tags, event names have changed over the years. I need to have more consistency. 

If I could just search, for example, which families are connected to the early, more generic "Federal Census (fam)" and to the more recent individual years, e.g. "Census1920 (fam)", I could then make the necessary adjustments. 

Even though I could export a GedCom and import into regular software (such as my safety backup database, RootsMagic) and then run a report there to find them, I would rather work a report in TNG. Has anyone tried this? Any ideas? Thanks! 

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