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Hi Mycroft

You say you have a fresh installation of TNG v13 - is that 13.0.2?

Is the modversion

In Admin => Utilities do you see tables "Comments" and "Comments read"?


If not; you have not clicked the "Create Comments Database Tables" button in Modmanager.

OR have you installed a previous med version (.0 or .1) that needs to update the database (button "Update Comments Database Tables")?


I just now installed the mod in TNG v13.0.0.2 template #15 and was able to add a comment for a dead person. Logged in as a "non-admin user" the comment looks like this:


And the Find menu:


The " ! " was there but I checked the page so it disappeared - and this is the page:


If not logged in, the comment on getperson.php looks like this:



I'm afraid that I can't be much on-line for a few days, so please don't expect immediate responses but I will check every now and then.


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My fault, I didn't have v13.0.2, but plain v13. I was not aware that update has been made available. But now I am updated to v13.0.2 and it didn't help as well. 

Correct, my mod version is

I DO SEE "Comments" and "Comments read" tables in "Utilities".

Unfortunately, I still can't see "Comments" in Find menu and individual pages are still blank...

Ok, take your time, it's not that urgent. But I ran out of ideas what can be wrong...

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