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Family Association / Rights to Genealogy Information

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Hi,  looking in to the idea of forming a family association and looking for some sort of wording for when folks submit to me family history information that I have rights to that information for research and collection which is also accessible to everyone on TNG.    Anyone run a family association?



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You may want to consider using a Creative Commons licensing schema for all of the information you are presenting publicly.  On my site, I use the CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License (https://journeysingenealogy.com/copyright-considerations/) to govern all information and media of any sort or origin.  Essentially, cite, cite, cite!  

You can easily create an online form (outside of TNG via an installed PHP form submission software--open source), or a paper form.  Essentially, submission folks would grant you CC reuse/redistribution rights, and the sole compliance requirement is that you cite them and yourself if you modify the info.  Pretty simple.

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