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User created FAQ page not showing images

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I have created an extra pages FAQ page, based on Graham Chamberlain's excellent creation. Thank you Graham! However, I can not get the snippet images to show, as in a small image showing an example of the FAQ. I have changed the image source in the fag.php file to point to a snippet image I made from my site (i.e. replaced Graham's referenced image). Here's my code - (<p align="center"><img border="1" src="<?php echo $cms['tngpath'].$templatepath;?>/templates/template9/img/IndivTab.jpg" alt="" /></p>), but I can't get this image to show up. I'm still learning code of course, so not certain about this part of code - ?php echo $cms['tngpath'].$templatepath;?. I tried it without that piece of code as well, still no image.

Any suggestions?

tng-v12, Template 9, site is : ellisofelkpark.com



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