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TNG-Worpress Login Widget version 1.0.3.beta

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After months of languishing on the back burner, I' ve managed to complete a simple widget which logs in toTNG using Wordpress credentials   (user name or user email) .

You may try this widget out by downloading Beta version from here.

I have been using @HeatherFeuer's widget for more than 6 years. When WPTNG Frontend User Functions  3.0 (for TNG V10) came along, it needed Wordpress to be in root directory to allow @klooster method for integrating WP & TNG. I was too stubburn to change my configuration so I stayed with TNG Frontend User Functions  2.0,  TNG V9.2.2 and Mark Barnes integration plugin. I have TNG Version 10.1.3 running on my test site since 2015 but did not upgrade my live site until last month.

I have been using Mark Barnes integration plugin for over six years without (virtually) no issues but on upgrade to TNG 10.1.3, last moth, I have failed miserably to get this to work.

Integrating Wordpress is really a very simple and obvious answer is to just replace TNG headers and footers with Wordpress ones.

It is so simple and obvious that it needs a genious to actually think of it and implement it.
Cees Kloosterman is that genious.
Thanks @klooster.
(Now, what we really need is a simple script that installs topmenu, footer, meta and index files in relevant places)


I have successfully converted my live site to CK method and my wp-tng login widget is working successfully on my live and my test site

I would ike to share wh yo thiswidget. It is working very well with CK integration method.

I have not been able to install Mark Barnes method of integration on my test site but I doubt if widget will work with this plugin.

Let me know you think.


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