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Not sure if this is can be done, or is it already done, but I wondered if it is possible to display the events linked to media on the Display Media page.

Many thanks


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Robin Richmond

I'm not sure what you're really asking because I don't believe that TNG can link a media item directly to an event.  But it can link media items to citations, which then link to events.

I wonder if my Admin Media Search does what you want, though not in the Display Media page. It changes admin_media.php to display the event tags associated with a citation medialink. Actually since one citation can only link to one event, my mod (like that native code in TNGv12.2) takes all citations that link to a person (or family) via an event, and just displays that person or family once.  My mod takes it a step further, and lists all of the related events below the person's name. 

The code that I've added to admin_media.php woule probably fit pretty well into showmedia.php, but it would be real hard for me to look into that right now.  I have at least a couple of dozen new mod versions that need to be published, and several of of the mods' Wiki articles are already under constriction (i.e. broken). 

- Robin

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TNG does link media directly to an event. That's the positive part of one of my biggest issues currently...

  • it does not show the media if it is linked to a citation alone, it needs to be linked to either the event or the person to make it visible; linked to a citation alone, it will not display on a person page
  • to make it show, you need yo manually link the media to the event (either directly in TNG, or in your desktop app like I do)
  • as I import my tree through gedcom, I have the extra difficulty that citation media are automatically linked to the person, which results in a double display (once as person media, once as event media)

The fact that one citation can only be linked to one event is also something weird in TNG. I have citations linking to the name, residence, birth and occupation of a person. Even several persons, like when you're dealing with a census. I don't really know how TNG handles citations actually. Citations seem to be invisible. When you click on a citation, you are redirected to the source with a list of all citations linked to that source. It is impossible to get the info on one particular citation... I solve this by going to the media: that does list the events the citation goes with. It's a work around, but it gives the result I need - awaiting TNG to start correctly using citations :)

And while writing this I noticed this (just to make it even more complicated): in the admin section, a media file is linked to citations but not to people or events. In the public section, that same media file is linked to persons and events, but not to any citations. I really dont understand how this works....

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