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theKiwi - Willing to share your custom index page?

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So I'll just put this out there bluntly (since your signature asks for no PM's), and you can decline bluntly, lol, but... I suck at php/coding/etc. 
I have tng/WP & Suffusion up and running (fav theme from eons ago... love that it's still used!) and I love your main index page when you go here http://lisaandroger.com/genealogy/

Would you be willing to share your index.php page for the TNG landing page?  (minus your API and stuff for clusrmaps of course, and anything else).  

I understand that this isn't the most complicated page for some of you... but it just fits in perfectly with the few plugins and such into Suffusion and WP/TNG.  

Thanks in advance for your consideration, and if not, no worries... I'm about to throw up the plainest of pages otherwise.  lol  


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