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I need the gedcom field to join tables but dont want it to print

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I need to use the people 'gedcom' [tree] field to join tables, but I dont want it to print.  If I delete the field from the fields to print the query falls over.

I have two trees in my installation,  but dont need to see the field on the report. it is used to pick up branches which are self explanatory.

Can anyone advise me?




SQL: SELECT 0156ab_people.personID,firstname,lastname,birthdate,birthplace, e4.eventdate as Occup_Date, e4.info as Occupation, burialdate,burialplace, b.description AS Branch, 0156ab_people.gedcom FROM (0156ab_people) LEFT JOIN 0156ab_branches as b ON (0156ab_people.branch =b.branch) LEFT JOIN 0156ab_events e4 ON 0156ab_people.personID = e4.persfamID AND 0156ab_people.gedcom = e4.gedcom AND e4.eventtypeID = "4" WHERE ( (e4.info LIKE "%Vicar%" OR e4.info LIKE "%curate%" OR e4.info LIKE "rector%" OR e4.info LIKE "%clergyman%") AND (0156ab_people.living != 1) AND (0156ab_people.lastname LIKE "HORS%")) ORDER BY firstname,lastname

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