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Bob Inhoff

Customize New User Welcome Email

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Bob Inhoff

The footer to my new user welcome email has an incorrect link to access the site.

It reads:  http://ggfagenealogy.org/tng

It should be:  http://ggfagenealogy.org/genealogy/

In Setup-Configurations- General settings - the rootpath is:  /home/ggfagene/public_html/genealogy/

I am not sure where  the email is pulling the "/tng" reference.

I expect that a long time ago I initially set it up as "tng" and then changed it to "genealogy".    Everything else seems to work fine.

Please see attached image.


Bob Inhoff

User Confirmation image.jpg

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Bob Inhoff

Yes, I think that is what I was looking for.

Thank you.


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