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Problem with v10.1.3

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On my local, WAMP, servers I seem to have SQL  issue. On person page I get 

Cannot execute query: SELECT display, eventdate, eventdatetr, eventplace, age, agency, cause, addressID, info, tag, description, eventID, collapse FROM (tng_events, tng_eventtypes) WHERE persfamID = "I577" AND tng_events.eventtypeID = tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID AND gedcom = "upavadi_1" AND keep = "1" AND parenttag = "" ORDER BY ordernum, tag, description, eventdatetr, info, eventID

I seem to have similar issues in admin.php for Custom Event Types, Trees and Branches.

I am getting same result on laptop and desktop, 3 separate instances of Wamp and similar number of TNG clean installs and databases.
(PHP - 5.4.3 or higher; Apache: 2.4.2 or higher; MySQL: 5.5.24 or higher)

My live site is still running V9.2.2.
Main reason for this is that it uses TNG-WP Frontend User Functions by @HeatherFeuer which is suitable for having Wordpress in it's own folder.

I have V10.1.3 running on my test site         since it's release for testing my TngApi plugin.. For last few weeks I have been testing my WP-TNG-LogIn Widget to repalce the trusted TNG-WP Frontend User Functions by @HeatherFeuer  on my live site.
(PHP - 5.3.29; Apache: 2.4.12; MySQL: 5.5.61)

I can not seem to work out what is causing the SQL errors on my various local server installations.

I am sure I am missing something quite obvious.

Edit: I forgot to mention that v9.2.2 is working perfectly on on three WAMP installations.

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