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Any way to "unrestore" a restore?

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I have spent about 60 hours working over the last week on linking sources and media to people.  Tonight I said to myself, "you really ought to back things up after making all of those changes".  So I went to the Utilities page, selected all of my files and in the "With selected" field I (stupidly) selected "Restore" instead of "Backup".  So, of course, it restored all of my files to their state on June 3, before I spent 60 hours modifying them.    :-(

To top it off, I discovered that my hosting service wasn't running automatic backups, so I can't restore from there.

I'm probably totally screwed, but is there any secret door in TNG that I can use to unrestore my restore?

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No, if your hosting service isn't running any kind of backups, and you haven't done it yourself, then to use your words you're "totally screwed".

The TNG Admin Log might contain a record of what you did - depending on how many lines it is set to save, so you can use that as a plan to go make all the changes again.


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I do backups virtually every day, quite often multiple times (I do massive ammounts of data entry).

I work from right to left by selecting "back up" first, double-checking before I click on "select all" and then hitting the "go" button.

Once backed up, I ftp the backups folder to my pc and again to a USB stick.

FWIW dept: still using XP SP2 (stripped of junk) and no problems.



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