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Duplicate ID#s

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I have a Database created from 3 Gedcoms and I have duplicate ID#s. Are the ID numbers assigned by TNG on import and should it not assign a ID# that is not already in the database? I discovered this when I tried to merge a duplicate from 2 of the 3 GEDCOM imports. Is there a way to change the ID#s manually? 



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The 3 in your example are in different trees, so that is permissible by TNG to have this situation.

So in a way, you have 3 databases.

You can't merge people between trees - you'd need to have imported all of the people into the same tree to be able to merge the duplicates, and in this case since the 3 GEDCOM files you used had the same ID numbers in them, you'd have to have told TNG to import them and "Append All Records" which would have given the incoming people numbers not already in use by those you imported first.

Once they're all imported you can set about merging them, but if it's more than just a handful of people, I think you'd be better off trying to do this merging of 3 GEDCOM files in a desktop genealogy software first where the detection and merging of duplicate people is more robust.


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