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How to display common child without marriage

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I add a man who was not married, but had a child with woman, who is also added as a mother to the child added for the man.

Now, it odes not say "married day" in woman's information when in the view of file for the man. But if I click Childs (I didn't find a place to change the language to english so I am unsure what is the tab name in english), and there register view, it shows that the man and woman were married, while they never were and it was not marked that way.

Also, in the other views it shows line from mother to common child, but not from father. (in this Childs/posterity tab, family tab shows the lines ok, though it could show something else than solid line if persons were not married or are divorced etc "not together" visual sign - hopefully this kind of visual aids could be added in future versions).

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