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Update to Book Generator Demo

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Hello All,

In continuing the development of the Book Format, I have added two new features. 

First is the addition of the “Book Options” button. Now the user can select printing options and add sections in the book such as a preface, introduction - whatever verbiage is needed to enhance the book. In order to make this section work, there is now a new database table to remember all the options for the given individual. You can see the results here for my example ancestor Peter Baker

Feel free to play around with the various buttons. However, remember that any changes will be saved to the database table so that the next user will see it. I might suggest that you “adopt” any random person other than Peter Baker if you experiment. Eventually, I will reset the database, and the Book Options button will be closed off by the login.

The second feature is the cemetery section were I list all the people buried in the various cemeteries. To be listed on this section, the individual must be noted on the Headstone part of TNG. It takes into account multiple photos for one individual, and multiple individuals for one photo.

Finally, there were several requests to produce a mod so that others can test the routine.  In all honesty, I am not sure how to do it. So let me offer this compromise. I will disable the database part of the Book Option section. Then I can make available my modified register.php, reglib.php and a new CSS file called bookformat.css. Simply rename your current files to something like register-original.php and reglib-original.php for safekeeping, and drop the new files in their place.

Comments/suggestions are always welcome.

Bob Schwartz

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Looking good, any plans on possibly adding an index in the back, and possibly linked to the names like in the Ancestral Author v2.9 program here http://www.ancestralauthor.com/ ?

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