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Error Message on jpg files in Sources

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Using TNG12.1 on WAMP. I am getting the error shown in the image on many jpg files in the photo directory that are linked to Sources. The lines the message refers to in tngconnect.php are 

49 function tng_fetch_assoc($result) {
50    return mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);

80 function tng_free_result($result) {
81    return mysqli_free_result($result);

I have no idea what is causing this and how to correct it. A jpg file from the same photo directory used as a Slide show does not show this and neither do pdf files in the document directory used as sources.



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I just finished posting a reply on the TNGUSERS2 forum to another inquiry about this issue.  I am experiencing the exact same problem.  It appears to be only happening when the JPG is linked to a citation or to a source.  I have not found any solution as yet but I wanted to add my voice to those who are experiencing this problem.  


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